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Many Sports Betting Sites Act Dishonestly And Unethically!

The betting industry has never been larger than it is right now. The supply from sports betting sites and the demand from customers is, to say the least, enormous. However, there is a lot in the sports betting sites approach to several of their customers and many of their affiliates who market the sports betting brands that is not highlighted enough.

In this blog post, I bring up several concrete personal examples, both as a customer and a marketer (affiliate), about how I believe many sports betting sites act unethically and with methods that should not be allowed.

To begin with, I want to mention that very few players win more than they lose over time. Without having any particular statistics on the subject (since this is simply not available), I would dare to guess that at most 5% are winning players in the long run, with winning players I mean players who win more money than they lose.

This is How Many Sports Betting Sites Act Against Winning Players

The different sportsbooks want to make money from their business, nothing strange at all with that, and players can lose tens of thousands and, hundreds of thousands and even everything they own without having any single problem with the sports betting sites, why? Well, of course, because everything is fine as long as you lose your money and the sportsbooks earn them.

The fact is that if you are someone who plays a lot (not necessarily high) and if you were to play out your money on your betting account over and over again, it usually does not take many days before you are offered a generous deposit bonus by the betting company.

Sometimes you can even get free betting money on your betting account so that you start playing again, and of course hopefully (according to the betting company) lose again. In other words, you are encouraged to deposit additional money to continue losing, as long as you do this, the betting site will be very satisfied.

But, what happens if or when you start becoming a winning player and where your winnings become increasingly larger? The first thing that usually happens is that the sportsbook starts to limit your bets for the games you want to make.

What can also eventually happen if the sports betting site were to see a particular pattern in games, e.g. if you and many other players systematically bet on one and the same game object, is that they can choose to suddenly completely close your gaming account.

If you have money on your betting account, you will get these paid out to your regular bank account but you will not be welcome back as a customer to the sportsbook again. An explanation is rarely or never given from the sports betting site beyond that you have not played just as a hobby, questioning and appealing the gaming company’s decision is usually just a waste of time.

Limiting Winning Players: A Tactic Among Various Weapons in the Sportsbooks’ Arsenal.

The most common measure that many sports betting sites use against winning players is to limit the games that the player wants to place, just as I have just touched on. This means more specifically that only a certain amount of the amount that the player wants to bet will be approved by the sportsbook.

So how much can a sportsbook choose to limit a winning player? The biggest limit I have ever experienced at a Scandinavian sports betting site was when I had come up with winnings of a total of $2000 only got to place individual games for $10! Do I need to add that there was nothing else for me to do than to withdraw my winnings and look for a better and more serious sportsbook.

What does this mean in practice? Well, it goes well for the sportsbook if you as a player lose everything you own to them, but you are not allowed to win more than $2000 because then it stops.

What is there to do in this situation when you are a winning player? My recommendation in such cases is that you open a betting account with 4-5 different sports betting sites and that you spread your betting. By doing this, you reduce the risks of being limited, your games do not always follow the same pattern and above all, you have the opportunity to choose the sportsbook that offers you the best odds for the game you want to bet on.

This is How Many Sports Betting Sites Act Against Their Affiliates

My website,, and I work as affiliates for several different sportsbook, their ads are among the ones you can find here on my website. Every time someone clicks on an ad, signs up as a member, and makes a deposit, I either earn a fixed commission from the sportsbook for each customer, or I earn a certain% of what the player bets at the sportsbook, sometimes a combination of these two together can be offered by the sports betting sites.

This is how, along with my sold bet predictions, my website is possible to run. I only work with affiliates that are safe and secure and that have worked well for me. However, I have experienced several occasions when the sports betting sites have not done right by me, and I have loads of colleagues in the industry who have experienced the same thing. I have experienced sportsbooks that abruptly terminated my affiliate account with them where they falsely accused me of illegal incentive traffic, where incentive traffic means traffic that is generated to a website based on a reward system.

I, and many others with me, have also experienced sending thousands of players to one and the same sportsbook and where they have then announced that they are closing their affiliate program, only to open a completely new affiliate program not so long after. In these cases, I and other affiliates have worked to spend time and money promoting their brand for hundreds of thousands of potential customers and where they have then chosen to close their affiliate program.

So the sports betting sites have got loads of new customers who the sports betting sites continue to make money from long after they have closed their affiliate program. When they have closed their affiliate program, they of course do not have to pay out their affiliate commission to me and other affiliates, while they still have the customers left.

As I just mentioned, a new affiliate program is not so rarely opened but then without any commission to me and other affiliates needing to be paid out, we affiliates simply have to start from the beginning to promote the sportsbook brand again, if we were to want to.

Other times, several sports betting sites have closed down my affiliate account with them without any explanation and only referred to their FAQ. Attempts to contact to get an explanation and to get my commission that I earned have only been answered with a referral to the sportsbook’s FAQ and nothing else, the commission to me was also never paid out.

I have not mentioned any specific sports betting site by name in this article, this as a potential legal process would not have been particularly appealing, a legal process that I would never ever be able to win even if plenty of evidence exists to be able to publish, I am simply not rich enough to conduct such a legal process and I also do not have the energy for it.

I should also add that of course I have chosen to be in the industry as an affiliate to these sports betting sites of my own free will, no one has ever forced me, but I also like other wage earners or entrepreneurs actually want to get paid for the work that I have performed.

However, the actual purpose of this article is something else entirely. I want to highlight the sportsbooks responsibility towards customers who just lose and lose. I want to highlight their approach to the few players who are winning players, and I also want to highlight many sports betting sites actions against affiliates who work to promote their brands without many times getting the compensation they are entitled.

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